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M & I ventured to a new city awhile ago: Danville, CA. I was on the search for a store and was pleasantly surprised that it was part of this super cute plaza that had these ponds and lakes where you could feed the ducks. It also had a string of cute stores, restaurants and sweet shops!

Nothing was really familiar to us in this area (which could be both exciting and stressful), we decided on pizza (can’t go wrong with pizza) and found ourselves at Blackhawk Pizzeria.

I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have pasta, so I got the Meatball Calzone. M got the slice of pizza (don’t remember exactly all the meats he put on it). The Calzone was really good (and I got a cup of maranara sauce to go with it), the cheese was thick and gooey and there was plenty of meatballs! M’s pizza was also really good, the crust was nice and fluffy. And even though it might not look like a lot, it was actually all really filling!

I do plan on stopping by this cute little plaza again and I will definitely be coming back here, hopefully they have my pasta next time :)!

Blackhawk Pizzeria
4050 Blackhawk Plz Cir
Danville, CA 94506