My name is Zellie and I’m completely obsessed with food. I’ve always loved food, as a kid my mom was always catching me looking at those mini recipe magazines that they keep next to the check out counter (which btw, I still collect and many that I still have). As I got older, my love for food only grew. I attempted culinary school for Baking & Pastry in 2005 at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. If any of you know about CCA these days, you’ll know my experience did not go well. I did however love being in the kitchen.

I recently moved back to the San Francisco bay from Orlando Florida. I was there on an internship for Walt Disney World (OMG the FOOD on that property!!). I have a Disney food blog in the works (: I also have a blog dedicated to snacks here.

I’m a former Yelp Elite, I decided to focus more on a food related blog (because friends were constantly suggesting I do) this year. But I’m constantly on Yelp bookmarking places to try and thinking of ways to butter up my other half, M.

I hope you enjoy my adventure!

In case you were curious, I’m a sucker for: seafood, pasta, potatoes, Macarons, cute pastries and Gelato!

I’m not Vegan or a Vegetarian but I do try to avoid meat if I can.


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